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Almost 4 years ago I got a job in Cologne and moved away from my home town. I lived in 2 different flats with several different people until I set up my own flat share with two guys and a girl I met. I finally wanted to move into a flat big enough to have sufficiently space for eating and hanging around with friends. Which is – if you have experience with the living situation in Cologne – pretty hard. The apartment market is awful. We didn’t really know each other but moved together in a beautiful flat in the city center. The only thing I had to accept: I got the smallest room. 11.5 square meters in which I had to fit a bed, table, and something to store my clothes. Whatever way I moved things around, it always looked super squeezed and uncomfortable. A couple of weeks ago I decided to make my own tiny room more beautiful! There had to be a way where both would be possible: aesthetic and enough space. I bought plants, cases of wine and threw away a lot of unnecessary stuff.

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Last month I stumbled upon RackBuddy while scrolling through feed on Instagram. It’s a start up from Denmark created in 2013 – a customizable wardrobe made out of water pipes. The idea behind it is that a clothes rack can be more than just that. It “can be a piece of furniture shaping the identity of its owner’s home”. Often we attach great importance to furniture like chairs, beds or lamps. Why wouldn’t you also want to have a wardrobe that fits the look of your home? It brings along something kind of industrial and grave, but has a gently and perfectly plain appearance at the same time. When my RackBuddy arrived I got involved in the design process: it’s a minimalistic and simple item that gives you the possibility to apply and decorate it just the way you like.

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The campaign of RackBuddy has the slogan “Design. Build. Make it Yours.” which reflects the thought of creating something. I like how it’s not ready when it arrives at your place, you have to build it up and make it your own. I decided to get the RackBuddy Wild Bill Elliot Silver. For a longer time I was looking for a wardrobe where I could hang up long coats in winter but also have place to store short jackets and shirts. The knob on the side is perfect to put on bags or scarfs. Because its pretty high (210 cm) it doesn’t consume too much space in my tiny room.

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My result? I couldn’t be any happier with my new buddy. It really changed the look of my room and I finally feel at home in 11.5 square meters. RackBuddy is a simple solution which also gives you the opportunity to make it individual.

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