the effects of change

Everything is in a constant change. Some things change rapidly, sometimes it’s a slow process and we don’t fully experience it, because we live in and with the transition. There always comes this point where we wake up and start to realize: something is just so different. All of a sudden, after a certain period of time that seems like a rainbow bubble which finally pops. We have the ability to change things. If we don’t change them in their tangible essence, we can at least change the conceptual variable of it. The way we see it, and the way we feel and think about it. The only thing we can not change, is change. That’s what always will be there. Nothing stays the same forever.

sterne2 (1 von 1)

Shot this photo in Maui, Hawai’i

I had some thoughts about this lately and reflected myself about change in my behavior, opinions, and attitudes towards several things. Being away from home, from your natural surrounding, clears your mind. Not having your friends around, who automatically become part of your identity, somehow turns you into a new human. In transition. In change. Well, at least on the paper. The people who meet you don’t know about your flaws, and they don’t know about your loveable traits either. They absolutely have no clue who you are and what made you the person you are today. In that, I see a great chance. And a tiny bit of work, too. Work in the sense that you have to show or convince your surrounding that you’re a cool ass person. Because, how should they know you are? The amazing opportunity in this consists of defining yourself in a new way. At home you’re sometimes inhibited to act in some ways, because that’s not how people know you. People build up their own image of the person you are. And most of the time, the first impression determines their whole view on you. Forget about that! I learned to do whatever I feel like doing, to write about what goes on in my mind, and if people don’t like that – well, I simply don’t care.

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North Shore, Hawai’i

Back to my point – Defining yourself. I discovered to ask myself: What kind of person have I been yesterday , who am I right now, and who do I want to become tomorrow? What are my flaws, what are my lovable traits? I have the opportunity to change. I know, I would always have this opportunity at home as well, but finding yourself in a completely different and new life supports that process (or decision?) in a very positive way. I believe the secret tone of finding yourself, lies in changing yourself. There will always be a better version of the person you are right now, and how could you find yourself if you don’t fully dive into trying, experiencing and losing yourself? Get lost along your path. Stumble, fall, back out, get up until you’re on a path that makes you bloom and sparkle. And if you’re on the right track, I promise you, you’ll know it. There is a voice inside you, your gut feeling, that tells you if something feels right, or if you’re just telling yourself it’s right – and it actually isn’t.

Philip_Auto2 (1 von 1)

Road Trippin’

Don’t let the past decide who you could be tomorrow or even today. All the things that stop you from discovering, defining and changing yourself, are not the people who tell you who you should be. Not even the whole society. Not the beauty magazines or social media stops you. The only thing that stops you from being the person you want to be, is yourself. It takes time, and also courage, to understand that. Believe in yourself, trust in yourself. The most powerful instrument you will ever own is your own mind. A positive mind means a positive life.

If you want something, or want to be someone, go for it. Put aside the fear of not pleasing certain people. You’re not on this planet to make people like you. You are here to like yourself. And if you don’t like yourself, change. Don’t wait for things to happen, for it to be summer again, for it to get the perfect body or for it to afford fashionable clothes. The point where you think things are going to change due to the circumstances you’re awaiting, won’t happen. Or it happens, and there pops up the next thing you’re awaiting. I know that’s not easy in a materialistic world that aims at consuming and manipulating others. But you can make a change, in changing yourself. A few days ago I got asked if I fell in love during my stay in Hawai’i. I know something inside me changed. I smiled and my answer was yes, I fell in love. With myself.


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