Hawai’i III

It’s time to give you an update what’s new on the island. Almost two months in Hawai’i now! I literally can’t believe how fast time went by. Soon half of my time abroad will be over. Anyways, as I was busy going to University not a lot of things happened… but at least some things I want to tell you about. My roommate Stefon and I watched the sunset at Ala Moana beach park. It’s a pretty touristic spot, especially for sunset many people go there to enjoy the nice view on Downtown Honolulu. In between tourists I also took some photos, and realized: Even if I enjoy going to touristic spots – so what? There obviously is a reason why people want to see this place. I think it’s beautiful.

DSC01419 Kopie



Ala Moana Beach Park

In my marketing class we had a project to support a business which just entered the market. It’s a fitness brand, providing shirts, stickers and water bottles. We organized a hike were we all were wearing the brand’s T shirts. The decision was the Lanikai Pillbox Hike, which I already experienced as I told you in my last blog post. This time it was way more beautiful! We started hiking right after sunrise around 6.30 a.m. and had a breathtaking view.


The Lanikai Pillbox Hike


I also spent some time in North Shore again. It’s just the most beautiful spot on the island, and can’t be compared to the area around Honolulu. If you don’t own a car, it’s pretty difficult to get anywhere on the island except the city center, where the busses work well. The last three weekends I spent at least one day there and the bus drive of 2 1/2 hours (one time it seriously took me 4 1/2 hours!) is absolutely worth it. I figured it doesn’t really make sense for me to get a car if I leave Hawai’i in a short period of time and during the week I can take the bus to go to University. One day, a friend and I went out on the ocean with a jet ski fishing for about 5 hours. I didn’t put on a lot of sunscreen and had the worst sunburn I ever experienced. I underestimated the power of the sun outside on the water and my skin peeled for two weeks! I saw flying fish, turtles and dolphins. And you won’t believe it, but I actually catched a fish!


The North Shore


Morning walk

What else happened? During the week I was busy with assignments I had to do for school, and at some point it felt like I lived in the library or one of the coffee shops. There were days when I had six coffees to survive. Seriously! Now I’m done with all my final exams and can’t be happier to have some time off. Next week my 4th and last class starts, it’s a visual arts class and I’m super excited! If there is one thing I could do all day long without getting bored it is drawing. And if you’re passionate about something, I believe you can’t be bad at it. I actually made shirts with prints of my illustrations, but I’ll show you some photos of them in my next blog post.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

My life during finals week

I also discovered more of the city. One day I just strolled around and went into some vintage shops and cute little jewelry boutiques. I didn’t expect to find that much handmade and individual stuff. I definitely have a spot to get some souvenirs for my friends in Germany now. In one of the vintage shops I got to know Bradley, a super nice guy who I met again at an art exhibition a few days later.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A cute little shop I discovered Downtown



I also met two amazing photographers, one of them by a funny coincidence. There is one coffee shop I always go to, to study or just to relax and sketch for a bit. I’m there at least three times a week. One day I noticed some exhibited photos and started to look the photographer up on social media. By chance we got in contact and I actually took some photos with him! His name is Ben and we went to a hidden spot on the northern island.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

With Ben in beautiful nature of the northern island


Photos taken by Sophia (Instagram @sophisha_)

2017.06.17 Honolulu Lucy EDITED-155

2017.06.17 Honolulu Lucy EDITED-136

Last week I had another beautiful experience. A friend and I went to the Mermaid caves, located on the western side of the island. It’s pretty dangerous to enter the caves, as many people underestimate the tide and the power of the incoming water. We went there when the tide was pretty high but it was an unforgettable experience! It felt unreal and kind of magic swimming in crystal clear water surrounded my lava stone. As I have only two days a week class now, I’ll be able to discover more of the island. On my list are some waterfalls, hikes and beaches. Stay tuned & Mahalo!


The Mermaid caves



Dreams taste like candy cotton


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