‘Antes tarde do que nunca’ –  better late than never. Finally I made it to Portugal, since I wanted to go there for a longer time now. Two weeks ago my sister and I catched a plane to Porto. Through some funny misunderstanding I accidentally booked the wrong hostel for the first two nights, assuming the hostel was in Porto, but it actually was in Lisbon. For this reason we arrived in Porto and got on the train to Lisbon directly. While waiting for our train an older portuguese man invited us for a coffee. He also wanted us to visit him in his small hometown in an rural area of Portugal but we didn’t make it. Such a nice welcome!


On the train to Lisbon

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The most touristic photo ever – but I love it!

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Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with the small and steeply streets, orange trees, beautiful buildings, street cats, tiny cafés and nights next to the river. The people there are very warm-hearted. We had a tasty meal at a vegan buffet place called ‘Jardim des Cerejas’ and went to a big flew market – it’s called ‘Feira da Ladra’ and happens on Tuesdays and Saturdays. By chance we walked down a street and came across Markus, a guy we know from Germany. Later we met him to spend the evening together. It’s a small world!

After three days in Lisbon we went back to Porto. We met some amazing people in our hostel, listened to bad music and drank a lot of port wine and ‘Superbock’ – the best bottled beer in Portugal. On our last day we visited a buddhist tea place, had some jasmine tea and bought handmade portuguese shoes in a small shop. They were pretty expensive but it feels good to support local people instead of big brands, and at least we now have an unique souvenir.


Marie and Betty

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Lunch in Porto


Buddhist place in Porto


Mornings at the hostel


Handmade portuguese shoes

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